Susan Hammond, Intern

What did you enjoy the most about your internship experience? One thing I liked about the internship was being able to see what I learned put into action. I felt I was constantly learning new things whether that be about returns or the tax software, etc. It was also nice being able to work with the other tax interns! It was fun to get to know them and share about Flagler and UNF – then becoming good friends in the end!

What was it about Pivot that made you want to start your career with us? The work environment and how encouraging everyone is. If you have a problem or a question, you can go to anyone whether that be one of the partners or the tax associates. That is what drew my attention to wanting to stay here after my internship. I have always had an inquisitive mind and a willingness to learn, and Pivot is just the place to be able to learn from others, absorb and grow! As well as everyone is so kind and always supporting of you. I truly have enjoyed getting to know the Pivot family and am glad to be a part of it as full-time staff.

What is currently your favorite part about working at Pivot?

I think I kind of already talked a little about it but the office in general. You can always have a good conversation and laughs, even during busy season when things are busy, everyone stays positive! 😊

Favorite Pivot memory? Oh, this is a tough question, I have many favorite memories already even though I have been here for a short time now. I would have to stay my top two are the intern bonding we did at the Jax Cooking Studio and pub pedal (of course).

The Jax Cooking Studio was so awesome and truly a blast! I feel like we all came out like Michelin Star chefs (for the most part), but we had many laughs and great food. It was great for us interns  to get to know each other.

Pub Pedal was so much fun! Being able to see everyone having fun outside the office could put a smile on your face. It was fun to ride bikes along the coast. I don’t come up to Jax Beach too much, so I enjoyed visiting all the new places. Plus, there were many funny moments – great food and drinks with even greater company! 😊