Lauren started her internship with Pivot in August 2022 and became a full-time staff member in December 2022. She is heavily involved with our construction clients and recruiting efforts.

What did you enjoy the most about your internship experience?

The amount of hands-on experience there is at the firm. Pivot treats you like a staff, so you learn and get so much more experience. Having a buddy throughout my internship helped guide me and gave me a place to go when I had questions, which I think helped my confidence when I was first starting out.

If you could give advice to a student looking for an internship, what would it be?

“Don’t just pick tax or audit, try it all to figure out what you like best. You don’t want to choose one and have regrets. It’s best to give both a shot.”

What was it about Pivot that made you want to start your career with us?

The different number of clients I get to work on in addition to the team – my coworkers and leaders are great. I also really appreciate the work/life balance. We have a great team, with an open environment and I truly enjoy coming to work every day.

What’s your favorite memory with Pivot?

The Pub Pedal! It gets the whole company together and gives us a chance to talk to people in other departments we don’t always get to work with. It’s fun to get everyone out of the office and all together at the beach!

How do you feel you’ve grown since you’ve been at Pivot?

I understand accounting a lot more. I’ve also taken on harder tasks as I have grown more confident.

My role here has also pushed me to grow personally. I’ve found I’m much more confident in networking situations, or meeting new people because of the exposure I get at Pivot. Talking with clients, students at recruiting events, or any of the networking events we go to has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to open up more.