Shaun only recently joined Pivot in December of 2020, but he’s already realized his favorite part of being on the team. “I love the work-life balance that Pivot offers,” Shaun said. “Especially the social events they put together for all of us.” Even though he hasn’t been on the team for long, Shaun already had a big problem he’s proud to have solved this year. He tells it this way in his own words.

“I had a tangible return in which the assets we had in our software did not match up with the schedule the client provided. There were hundreds of assets dating back to the 1980s! It took a day and a half to get things organized and complete the tangible return. It was very stressful, but so rewarding to complete.”

Shaun was born and raised in Jacksonville, so he loves Florida because all his friends and family are still local Shaun’s first job was as a lifeguard, so he’s taking on jobs with big responsibilities since day one. One new skill he’s been working on is expanding his cooking and recipes. “I want to make and eat things that are creative and exciting!”