Kyle joined Pivot in 2015 and works in assurance while sitting on the IT and Recruiting Committees. Pivot has really empowered Kyle to become a big part of the company culture as well as get invested in the surrounding community. “I appreciate Pivot’s focus on work-life balance,” Kyle said. “It promotes professional and personal growth. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been able to join the Board of Beaches Habitat for Humanity.”

Part of that professional growth is the tremendous mentoring opportunities that Pivot fosters between its team members. For Kyle, that opportunity is personified in Bryan Reyes, a tax partner with the firm. “We meet for coffee every now and then and discuss professional development, practice development, firm growth, and all kinds of things,” Kyle said. “Bryan’s mentorship connected me with the Beaches Habitat for Humanity organization, on whose board I now sit as Treasurer. Pivot really cares about growing you as a person as well as an accountant.”

Kyle lives in Ponta Vedra with his wife Amy, with whom he’s been married for six years, and their two dogs, Penny and Eli. His favorite thing about living in Florida is how close the beaches and theme parks are. “My wife and I are adrenaline junkies, so we go to theme parks at least once a month just to ride the rollercoasters.”

When Kyle wants to unwind at home from all the accounting and adrenaline, he plays guitar and studies up on meteorology. “Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a weather nerd,” Kyle says. “And after 16 years playing the guitar, it’s always relaxing and fun when I get to play.”

Spotlight On…Kyle Vincent! Spotlight On…Kyle Vincent! Spotlight On…Kyle Vincent!