Welcome to a New Era.

Welcome to our new brand, Pivot CPAs.

It is customary in the accounting world to name the firm after either the partners or to simply use letters of the partners’ name as an acronym to name the firm.  After an intensive marketing study, our team felt it was time to break with that tradition, and in doing so wanted to re-brand the firm with a name that truly communicates the value of an accounting firm within its clients’ business.

We continually hear from our clients that they feel we are much more deeply involved with them than just handling their taxes or annual audits.  It was truly gratifying to learn that they think of us as business partners and not just a vendor, that they rely on us for guidance and leadership. The repeated theme of the firm being a central point of focus and a resource on whom they rely led us to the name Pivot CPAs. We are excited to be what may be the first CPA firm to not be named after its partners.

This re-brand gives us all a new torch to carry and provides a rallying cry for the firm.  It was a coincidence of timing that BDO acquired LBA just as we were finalizing our plans. This validated our new brand proposition as providing national expertise with local knowledge and it made sense to further distance ourselves from the alphabet soup of CPA firms that serve this market.

The brand promise is that Pivot CPAs provides the integrated expertise of a deep, national firm – strategy, tax and audit services – but our true value is providing a much broader scope of guidance to our clients’ entire financial landscape. So, as our name and subsequent new tagline represents, we go beyond accounting.