With its acquisition of the LBA Group, LLC, Jacksonville welcomes the expansion of BDO USA, LLC.  Also as an independent member of the BDO Alliance USA, we are pleased to see BDO’s presence expanding here in Jacksonville.  The LBA Group is a firm that dates back 50 years in Jacksonville.

BDO has expanded rapidly, this being the firm’s seventh acquisition in the past year. Unlike some of the other BDO acquisitions, LBA wasn’t part of the BDO Alliance as we are, but it was formerly a member of the Leading Edge Alliance and BKR International.

As part of the BDO Alliance, a family of sorts, we want to welcome LBA to the team. BDO remains a tremendous resource for us, giving us national scope and insight while we are still able to maintain our local edge.  A rising tide raises all boats and it shows the CPA industry is alive and well.  

We are now proud to carry the flag as one of the few remaining large, locally-owned and operated CPA firm in the market, a niche we are proud to serve and proud to serve with BDO by our side.  We’ve got some big news coming, too, and are excited to share that news over the coming weeks.

Congratulations to Neal Von Stein and other LBA Group staff, as well as BDO on the Jacksonville expansion – and welcome to the team!